About us


The Pro Trail Runners Association, is an international non-profit association of active pro trail runners under Swiss law. 
All trail runners under a sponsoring contract and/or in the top 30 ITRA rank (general index) and/or UTMB rank and/or WMRA and/or GTWS rank and/or Skyrunning World Series ranking of the current year or of the past 3 years can be members.


The mission of the Pro Trail Runners Association is to help athletes to share their opinions and be part of shaping the future of our sport and the environment where we practice, as well as the athletes physical and mental health and the fairness and sustainability of the competitions.

To preserve the rights of athletes, especially in situations related to contracts, injuries, health and media relationships.

Expand and realize the sport at its highest level, always remaining true to our values (fair play, sustainability, equality) and inspiring people within the trail running community and outside.

How it works

We work in the most effective way possible thanks to its dynamic structure, which consists of a General Assembly with all the members and a Working borard. The latter includes a General Secretary who is constantly in touch with all the athletes. The members vote the initiatives to construct a better sport ot to solve pending issues and the board works on a strategy for it. 

All our founds come from donations, from members or other individual donors, so we can keep fully independence on the decisions and projects to follow.

Who is Who

Administration Board

  • Francesco Puppi
  • Pascal Egli
  • Kaytlyn Gerbin
  • Corinne Malcolm
  • Pau Capell
  • Frédéric Tranchand
  • Eszter Csillag 

General Secretary: Albert Jorquera


Find out everything about the statutes of the Pro Trail Runners Association in the document below:


Trail Running has been practiced for centuries, read here the history of the sport:

Our work

Athletes rights

To preserve our rights, especially in situations related to contracts, injuries, health and media relationships. We demand equal prize money, coverage and opportunities between male and female athletes. Diversity and access to competitions, maternity leave, sponsorships values, rights during injury are among other topics, key for the sport developpment.


Trail running is a sport -running outdoors in natural surfaces- that encompasses several disciplines with different length and technicality of the races. The diversity on the terrains, distances and rules of each single competition are part of the beauty and uniqueness of the sport but also hard to understand for people who don’t know trail running. The sport is not under the umbrella of a single International Federation but two, and circuits and championships are also held by private organizers.


To preserve a sport free of doping is key for a fair competition. We are working to get more test in competition and off competition and to ensure that the different competitions and circuits are part of the WADA and ADAMS programs. To educate athletes on our rights and obligations is also important in the prevention of doping.


As a outdoor and nature sport, we are not only using natural spaces as our playground and as professional athletes, our workplace, but we’re also withnesses every day of the changes this spaces are facing due to environmental changes and issues. From this privileged position we should be a strong voice to share what we see and to ensure that the sport is leading a way to ensure a more responsible competition, taking into account our footprint, the pollution, the respect of the ecosystems, etc.

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