To be eligible to become a member of the Pro Trail Runners Association you must fulfil the following requirements:

  • Be over the age of 18


  • Be ranked in the top 30 of ITRA rank (general index) and/or UTMB rank and/or WMRA and/or GTWS rank and/or Skyrunning rank of the current year or of the past 3 years,


  • Have a professional (monetary) contract for the practice of trail running competitions for the current year.

If you meet these requirements, you can register yourself in clicking the button below or sending a mail to The General Secretary & the Board will revise the documentation and give you an answer soon.


Hi everyone,

We feel like it’s a good moment to take a step back and reflect on the growth of our sport and what we – athletes – want for its future. 

With the proliferation of races and circuits, with more money, opportunities and professionalization in trail running, so come some risks: we’ve seen doping cases just a few months ago, we’ve touched with our hands, especially this summer, the effects of climate change in the mountains and in any environment where we train and compete. We’ve understood the importance of working side to side with brands, sponsors, circuit and race organizers, but we need to demand more rights and guarantees. We feel a great responsibility in protecting our sport and the different environments where we run, but also the values of the trail running community, the athletes’ physical and mental health, the fairness and sustainability of the competitions.

This is why we think it’s important to unite, as athletes, demanding all sport stakeholders – federations, races and circuits organizers, brands – to preserve the sport values and its fair play. 

Here are the key points that we want to focus on:

  • ANTIDOPING: more controls for a more fair competition. We demand antidoping controls from WADA for all the races that are part of an international circuit. We want as many elite athletes as possible to be included in the ADAMS program for out of competition controls.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY: we have an important role to play in the sustainability of the sport and protection of the environment where we practice. It isn’t about being perfect environmentalists, rather about walking towards a greener sports model. We want to encourage and educate all athletes, organizers, rule makers and federations to reduce their environmental footprint and to commit to measures to ensure the sport’s sustainability.
  • CALENDAR: we demand that the different federations (ITRA, WMRA, World Athletics, International Skyrunning Federation) and private organizations (UTMB World Series, Golden Trail Series) work together to establish a better calendar, for two main reasons: the health of the athletes and their environmental footprint, without sacrificing the competition. We understand the diversity of the events and this is something we want to preserve, but we think that the current situation sometimes goes against the interest of the athletes, the quality of the competition, the visibility and the sustainability of the events.
  • UNION OF ATHLETES: a professional trail runners organization. We want to unite and stand together to preserve our rights, especially in situations related to contracts, injuries, health and media relationships. We demand equal prize money, coverage and opportunities between male and female athletes. We want to promote and celebrate the sport, showcasing the role and reality of the elite athletes, their passion, talent, determination, struggles and achievements. We seek to expand and realize the sport at its highest level, always remaining true to our values (fair play, sustainability, equality) and inspiring people within the trail running community and outside.

By signing this letter, you commit to support these issues and to become a member of the Trail Runners Associations with rights to vote. Let’s stand for our sport and work together for a better future.

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