First General Assembly

On the 15th of December 2022, the first General Assembly of the Pro Trail Runners Association was held. A historic moment for the sport of trail running, which we hope will represent a milestone for its development and future.

The Pro Trail Runners Association is an international non-profit association that currently has more than 120 active members, representing 35 countries and all the five continents.

As the sport of trail running continues to grow, with the proliferation of races and circuits, and also more financial opportunities and professionalization, we felt like it’s a good moment to unite as athletes and have a voice at the same levels as the different stakeholders (federations, circuits, race organizers and brands) involved in the sport, working with them to preserve its values and future.

We also feel a great responsibility in protecting our sport and the different environments where it takes place, our community, our physical and mental health, the fairness and sustainability of the competitions. 

Our mission is to help athletes share their opinions and be an active part in shaping the future of trail running, preserving athletes’ rights, expanding and realizing the sport at its highest level and inspiring people within the trail running community and outside. This is what we want to stand for, to ensure that trail running remains true to its values and at the same time working to make it more fair, accessible and professional for the next generations.

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