Meet our Working Groups: Antidoping

The different Working Groups on the subjects decided in the General Assembly have been set. Those projects are carried on by the Association in different working groups with trail runners and lead by the members of the board:


Trail running has usually been a clean sport. Pro Trail Runners Association core value is to keep the sport clean. After the 2022 season, this became an urgent matter. Trail running is becoming more competitive every year and anti-doping controls are essential for a sport to strive.

The working group led by Corrine Malcolm goals are to achieve WADA controls in private circuits. Also, implement on and OOC (out of competition) controls in which tests are conducted without any notice. Finally, to include trail running into WADA statistics so the database is transparent for everyone.

The members of this working group are:


Camille Herron

Mario Olmedo

Moisés Jiménez

Emkay Sullivan

Toni McCann

Aroa Sio

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