Meet our Working Groups: Women Equality

The different Working Groups on the subjects decided in the General Assembly have been set. Those projects are carried on by the Association in different working groups with trail runners and lead by the members of the board:

Women Equality

The Women Equality 🟰 working group is a real power 💣 with women who are working on making trail running accessible for pro and all women. 🤗

They have much to do! Low women participation has been an issue that needs adjustments in general. The group is working on major issues such as pregnancy deferrals at races and pregnancy policies in contracts. Beside this, there are other targets such as pausing global rankings during pregnancy. They also work on assuring better media exposure to women at races, this will help to create positive examples for others. ☺️

Finally setting up standards for women or single parents during races such as childcare or nursing cabinets at aid stations.

The group is led by Eszter Csillag and Kaytlyn Gerbin and the members are:

Sophie Power – external advisor
Camille Herron
Stephanie Howe
Virginia Perez
Anna Comet
Aroa Sio
Murphy Grayson
Katie Asmuth

Header picture © Lloyd Belcher

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