Meet our Working Groups: Environment

The different Working Groups on the subjects decided in the General Assembly have been set. Those projects are carried on by the Association in different working groups with trail runners and lead by the members of the board:

The Environment Working Group

Trail running is a sport practiced in nature and PTRA commmited to take action and advicate responsable behavior for all actors. for it. We all want to practice trail running in a sustanaible way.

This working group led by Kilian Jornet, Pau Capell, Pascal Egli and Fred Tranchand will be giving environmental education to professional athletes. They will create standards providing ethical boundaries for race organizers and for circuits to study their CO2 impact and possible mitigation strategies.

The members of this Environment Working Group are:

  • Jazmine Lowther
  • Johann Baujard
  • Grayson Murphy
  • Hillary Gerardi
  • Clare Gallagher
  • Emily Schmitz
  • Kimi Schreiber
  • Toni McCann

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