Meet our Working Groups: Athletes & Professionalism

The different Working Groups on the subjects decided in the General Assembly have been set. Those projects are carried on by the Association in different working groups with trail runners and lead by the members of the board:

The Athletes & Professionalism Working Group

PTRA aims to provide tools for young athletes who are choosing trail running is a profession. For those who are already in the sport, this working group led by Corrine Malcolm, Kilian Jornet and Francesco Puppi will create guidance on how to be professional, how to build/maintain your relationship with the brand that supports you, and about contract literacy. An upcoming online workshop series will be the kick-off of this group.

The members of the group are:

  • Grayson Murphy
  • Hillary Gerardi
  • Abby Hall
  • Devon Yanko
  • Zak Hana
  • Moisés Jiménez

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